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The orchestra of insanity, full of people who can't play for shit

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Yo. I'm a guy that decided to get a LJ for no reason. Except maybe for lurking and spamming. Not sure why.

Anyway, it should be fun and I hope you all enjoy it.

¬_¬ Hurray.

Name: Zomgbie/Zomgby/Zomg/Z Man/Monster Z/Hey, what do you think you're doing?!?/Get the hell out/Me, and maybe some other stuff.
Age: Wisened in my elder years, though slightly senile.... so I don't really remember.... so, who am I again?
Sex[y]: Yes Gender: Male
Anime being [newly and re-]watch'd: Yakitate!! Japan, Champloo, BECK, Gankutsuou, Erementar Gerad, SOEX, some Trigun/GTO every so often, and some snippits of Bleach.
Manga being [newly and re-]read'd: Yakitate!! Japan, Erementar Gerad, and my coveted Ranma 1/2 and GTO volumes.
Likes/hobbies: Anime, manga, tennis, music, sleeping, eating, books, writing, dancing, singing, prancing, humor, 'Internet', games, and such.
Dislikes/un-hobbies (o_O): Having to get up when I'm not ready to, not getting to eat when I need to, not watching anime, not reading manga, and not being able to play games for months upon end (WHY MUST THIS BE TRUE??? T_T *weeps*)

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Yakitate!! Japan is Expressionate Bread-making Pun Love

[x] Abarai Renji
[x] Aizen Sousuke
[x] Ayasegawa Yumichika
[x] Hinamori Momo
[x] Hisagi Shuuhei
[x] Hitsugaya Toushirou
[x] Ichimaru Gin
[x] Inoue Orihime
[x] Ishida Uryuu
[x] Kira Izuru
[x] Kon
[x] Kuchiki Byakuya
[x] Kuchiki Rukia
[x] Kurosaki Ichigo
[x] Kurosaki Isshin
[x] Kusajishi Yachiru
[x] Kyouraku Shunsui
[x] Matsumoto Rangiku
[x] Sado Yasutora
[x] Shihouin Yoruichi
[x] Urahara Kisuke
[x] Yamada Hanatarou
[x] Join?