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20th June 2005

12:48am: Yoo-haloo.
arreheheh, arreheheh, arreheheh, arreheheh, arreheheh, arreheheh, ye-ye-ye-ye-yes ya canCollapse )

Had a nice Father's Day. Played some miniature golf with some close calls... with holes and people.... Came so close to playing the Initial D arcade game again, but unlike before, there were actually other people playing it! Guess I had been really lucky-da before.
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16th June 2005

10:04pm: Googlism Revelations
Thanks to Googlism, there have been things revealed about me that even I didn't know. As suggested by K to the azzle, these are my top 10 picks.

This cut is mega-nrgized!Collapse )

Beautious. Especially the last one.
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10th June 2005

12:20am: G-I-double E-F lives! I mean.... MEME time.
I love that Yatta! flash

In response to a taggin' by Kaz, here be my filled-out thingamabobber:

Things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play. When you are mindless bored and need a way to suck away time. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Make a list, post it and then tag 5 friends and ask them to post it to theirs.

1. Chilling out to music of all kinds.
2. Attempting to play certain songs on the guitar [even if they soon become phailed attempts].
3. Jamming on my drum set (which unfortunately hasn't happened for quite a few months.... -_- I miss my drums).
4. Playing video games; namely RPGs, games in arcades, old-school titles, and rhythm stuff.
5. Making/maintaining websites.
6. Creating layouts and other stuff for said sites though I'll occasionally use stuff made for me by other people >_>.
7. Piecing together parts of songs/audio and making brand new creations.
8. Watching anime/reading manga (which I definitely need to do more often).
9. Playing tennis (haven't done this in ages, it seems o_o).
10. Heading through my daily stops of humorous/amusing sites.
11. Reading fine and some lesser-fine literature.
12. Quoting movies/shows/books when something reminds me of a line, especially when out in public with others (that way, they can either respond with a "Hey, I know what that's from! Heheh, yeah.", or a visible and/or audible "WTF?").
13. "Reinacting" parts of movies/shows/books/anime/manga/PVs (the last one is especially amusing).
14. Making up words/ideas/people/countries (see previous blog).

And, my personal favorite-

15. Sleeping.

As for who I bestow this upon next, I must simply say....



That's right! Because to me, EVERYONE is my friend! For all of you are dear to my heart, and I love all of you! *weeps tears of happiness and friendship*

man, that sounded cliché... and cliché anime character-like... I approve XD

..... Also, I have no idea what Sugizo is screaming, but all I know is that he's screaming it and that's all that matters. Scream on, Screamgizo.
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8th June 2005

1:23am: The Majestic Happenings of Weary Me
Just to let you know, they aren't actually majestic, and they didn't happen to me while I was weary. Well, at least currently weary.

1) My birthday was four or five days ago! (I've lost track of time, but at least that range is accurate) It was a nice little thing. I went to go see Star Wars Episode III, which wasn't exactly a nice little thing, but the most important thing is that I finally got to play the damn Initial D: Arcade Stage game. I sucked ass at it and didn't even finish the race due to a time over, but it was worth it. Except for the two bucks my friend and I coughed up just so we could lose the race in almost under a minute or so. >_>

2) Through various means, including weariness and insanity, a fictious country was born. Let us just say that this country happens to be run by a certain individual, named after a certain individual, and pretty much every other aspect has at least something to do with this certain individual known as Gackt. XD In conclusion, the dollar bill and official theme song have been made, and an official country flag may be in the works soon. It's all so WTFtastic.

I thought there was some other happening, but I guess I forgot it.... I seem to do that often. o_O Oh well, if I remember it I'll edit it in, I suppose. Toodles.
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22nd May 2005

4:49am: What a raptastic new layout.
Major thanks/props/homedawg bizzles/win to biteme65 for the kickass hip-hop Chiba-ness. It is most apropos and afrofos, wot-wot.

Since I'm strapped for commentary, I'll reiterate some of the blabberings of my recent Olor blog:

It is very warm here. Very warm. I know I shouldn't be complaining, especially since I used to adore heat, but holy crap, I guess the change was just kinda sudden. Honestly, it was like one day it's cold, the next it's not quite as cold, and then the very next day CRACK-BAM-BIFF it's an Arc the Lad fuckin' Burn Ground on my ASS.

I also rambled on about roadtrips, and crazy shit that can happen on them. You can discover true love, or get dumped on the side of the road, at night, in a wildlife refuge, wearing naught but that fashionable outfit known as flesh. You might find out that Bill the Ol' Bastard is actually quite nice and develop a lasting friendship, or you can learn that he's actually an ex-Strong Man from a nearby carnival that was charged with ODing a midget, and then make a run for Kentucky. Or you could find some lost puppies and return them to their elated owner... or you could come across a crate filled with illegal monkeys that have picked you as their new "human counterpart" for their debatibly more illegal activities.

Do note that all of the above has NOT happened to me. In FACT, I've only encountered TWO out of the three. Which two, I'll leave up to you.

Current Mood: chipper

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5th April 2005

6:28pm: I'm aliiiiivvvveee.
Yah, let's see now.

- TEH's back! </shinobi>

- Minna Daisuki KD has been announced for a July Japan release!!11! Now I just gotta hurry my ass up and get an import PS2.

- Mah burthdahee iz [somewhat/kinda] suu~n! Hooray, now I can hurry my ass up and get an import PS2. ¬_¬

- Teh summar iz [somewhat/kinda] suu~n! I lurve teh summar. Muchly.

Gwruh.... I feel like a zombie. Er, or ZOMGbie. Seriously, my back is aching and I continually keep yawning/stretching... and now my eyes are watering.... whuh. I need some coffee or something.

Hey, "Oburi guitarist" lady (XD).... we still gotta make that movie.
Current Mood: ENRAGED! yet cheerful.

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12th March 2005

8:12pm: Any trace of logical thought has been erased.
Most likely since the BECK OSTs ATE ME.

Yeah, so I'll try to have up a more... er, "content"ful entry a little later.

And just to add on something:


-Edit: All right, here's something else you might enjoy.

Your Superhero Persona
by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameThe Ferret
Super PowerSevere Mood Swings
EnemyThe Disgruntled Mailman
Mode Of TransportationMechanical Bull
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Current Mood: BECKtastic

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25th February 2005

1:09pm: Oh-hoh... right you are, Kai.
Ah, today is the wonderous day that the second DVD of the Tales of Phantasia OVA comes out. For those of you that didn't know, or don't know what the hell ToP is, that's okay except YOU teh SUCK!!11!ohnoes! Oh, uh, sorry about that. Anyway, looks like more Kusao Takeshi for me.

New Disgaea layout is almost up. Will edit it in when that happens. Since I know you're all eagerly anticipating the glorious masterpiece of exquisite design, or... something.
-Whoa, that took a lot longer than I had anticipated. Oh well, here it is. Big improvement over the last one, IMO.-

On a related yet completely unrelated note, SmarterChild hates me.


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16th February 2005

6:20am: Yays.
BeCr FL is down! Er, I mean up.

Flash Game of the Day is Mordor Mountain: bwah. My current top is 4200. Get the highest score in the next two days and I'll, uh, make you something. o_O Or something.

Current Mood: J-ROCK HEAD THRASHY!!11!

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12th February 2005

8:29am: FUCK FUCK.
Subjectline taken from the Star Ocean 2 puppet show theatre. It has nothing to do with this entry, yet at the same time, it does. Well, kind of.

Anyway, I've decided to give my LJ a purpose! That's right. Therefore...

I shall brag about my new fanlistings and sites. I shall plug for cool sites. I'll have Flash game competitions. Let's so something!! on the down.

So the BeCr fanlisting is almost done, and I'm considering new layouts for the Disgaea and Prinny FLs. And you should check out my collaborated Yakitate!! Japan fansite, since the manga, anime, and site are ALL GOOD. As MC Hammer would say. Ahem, uh, yeah, anyway.

Be sure to comment. Until next time.
Current Mood: Greatly amused

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8th February 2005

11:36am: And somehow, matter is created.
"Matter", as in "layout", that is. So I have a layout. From a screencap from Destroy All Monsters!, which is a DAM! good movie.

Since I've stayed up the entire night and it's now 11:38 AM, I think I'll go hit the sack. Well, not REALLY. Fwehehehehehe~.... oh Christ, I need sleep.
Current Mood: o_o fwebitty jibber

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12:26am: Nothing.
I need to put some shit here.


ZOMG it's the ZOMGbie!

....... ¬_¬
Current Mood: roffles @ nothing

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